Pumping. Mad. Dark. Catchy. Punchy. Intense. Red hot. Moody. In your face. Melodic. Dreamy. Derro.

The Bubble Boys are:

  • London producer and sound ace Howard Bargroff
  • Melbourne singer songwriter Rich Webb

As we neared the end of 2014, long-time mates Howard and Rich looked up and said in unison: ‘let’s do something really brilliant, let’s do it together, and let’s do it now.’

Say hello then to The Bubble Boys.

Grounded in Ziggy Stardust, Ministry of Sound, Johnny Cash, The Clash. The Misfits, Radiohead, Big Star, Arthur Alexander, Nick Lowe, PJ Harvey and sweet, sweet pop, and versed in all spheres of FM, AM and MOR, The Bubble Boys shoot for pure gold and nothing less.

There isn’t time for anything less.
They live in a bubble – they live anywhere they can find space to make music.

Say hello then to The Bubble Boys.